Expatriate Beauty: Bananas, Feathers, Whips & Shackles

If you saw last week’s Facebook discussion, you know Grace Jones is my new style icon. I dug more deeply and figured out a fabulous iconic parallel. The photo above stirred something deep within me because it reminded me of my all-time celebrity role model. Jones’ unapologetic sexuality and brazen beauty is totally synonymous with fellow expatriate, Josephine Baker. Whether her nude form was adorned with feathers or bananas, her rhythmic (oft called “primitive”) dances told the story of a “Native Daughter” in another country. And Grace Jones allowed her no-holds barred demeanor to translate flawlessly on film. I think we can all take note of their double middle finger to society’s expectations for women.

So you can imagine how over-the-moon I was when I heard Crazylibellule & The Poppies Les Garconnes in Josephine Jonquille ($18) is now being sold on Amazon! Inspired by iconic women from the ’20s, this one is named after Josephine Baker. If Josephine
isn’t your flavor(top notes and base notes include: lemon, cardomom, dark chocolate & patchouli), there will be a bunch of other flapper-era muses available soon. I only wish there was one for Elsa Schiaparelli. Never heard of her? Check her out sometime. Her story is shocking (pink).

Tried it? Wanna try it and have questions? Just holler!

Image courtesy of: Modculture.typepad.com