Glow Is Me


I don’t know about you, but yesterday sure felt like hump day to me.  And as much as I love the word “hump”, I won’t go anywhere with it today. I’m going to keep it classy today if it kills me! The best part of  yesterday was I totally thought my freshly blow dried hair would get “caught up in the rapture” of precipitation and it didn’t…Score! Don’t get me wrong. Relaxed hair loves moisture, but not in the wet kinda way.

My skin constantly craves moisture and I’m always on the hunt for an even better glow-generating product that will give my skin its much-needed fix. Well last night I tried Darphin Aromatic Cleansing Balm ($95) and it was like this emulsifying balm wash took away the last 15 years of stress. My face was illuminated like if the cool girls actually let me do more than turn (and didn’t call me double handed) during double dutch. Or if the boys actually chased me during “catch and kiss”. Ah the memories…

Tried it? Wanna try it and have questions? Just holler!