Can I Be Your Digital Girl?

Happy Freaky Friday! What one inappropriate thing will you say at work today? I’m thinking about a host of things as I rock to “Digital Girl”. Gotta say, Drake did alright on this one and Kanye , as usual, killed it: “Let the MC search til I reach third base…”

In lieu of a beauty find today, I’d like to ask that you vote for me to be a “Top Sista”.
Please click the little purple banner on the left side of this page.Enter the site, look for Temple of Glam, and click “Rate this Site”. Easy peas-y right? It would be incredibly dope if I could be hangin’ with the big girls of blogging.

The Breezy Synopsis:
1) Share your freaky friday comment. I told my co-worker, “I see your lacy panties.” And he’s a guy.
2) Make me a top sista.
3) If you hear “Digital Girl” this weekend, get it crack-a-lackin for me.

See you on Monday with more beauty bounty!