Nudie by Nature

Philosophy Superglossy Lip Gloss

We all have our things: fuller lashes, longer hair, more defined cheekbones…one of mine is the nude lip. Glamacitas, you know what I mean…the color that you weren’t born with and yet, you want it more than (insert your hunky hunk of choice here). Ok yeah, even more than him.

I have tried lip stains, tinted balms, lipsticks, and lip pencils. I find one I like, but then that massive green monster rises up inside of me and says, “You can do better. What about the new Revlon collection?”


*cue sad music*And I’m back in the game…a lone wolf on a seemingly never-ending quest for a gloss more life affirming. Think of me as beauty’s Bruce Banner (or Teen Wolf).

Luckily right now I’m into a NEW really gorgeous hue Philosophy The Supernatural Lip Gloss in Bare Your Soul ($15). I adore how it glides on so perfectly, you don’t need a mirror or a light (no judgment) to apply it. The entire collection adds a big ol’ kiss of color to your soup coolers.

Oh…did I mention I’m working on a super cool story with some of my girlfriends? I’m not going to say too much (very hard task for me), but it’s gonna’ be the dopeness. Look for it the week after Labor Day!