Remember “Muppets Take Manhattan” when Miss Piggy came face-to-face (snout to nose?) with Joan Rivers in the cosmetics department? The excitement the two felt at the very sight of the powder puff, lipstick, and eyeliner. Well that’s exactly how excited I am to do my first giveaway!

What: The winner chooses between full size products from Aveeno’s NEW Nourish & Moisturize collection and  the cutest set of John Frieda Root Awakening products.

When: Right Now.

Where: Right Here.

Why: Because well, they’re FREE beauty products…why ask why?

How: Email the answer to the question below to to win! I’ll randomly select and announce the winner on Monday. Easy peasy, right? Good Luck!

Here’s the Question:
In an earlier post, “Expatriate Beauty: Bananas, Feathers, Whips & Shackles” I mentioned one of my beauty icons. The product I wrote about was named after her. What’s this icon’s full (correctly spelled) name?