Strip Down. Rub It On.

I am one to say just about anything to make someone laugh. And I never worry about lewedness or you’re-going- to-hell-for-that crudeness. Unfortunately my comical candor crept its way into my professional life a few years ago. In an attempt to make my work bestie laugh, I put the most irresponsible phrase to ever hit paper into about 30K hands. You see, we were launching a bust lift treatment. It was unlike all of the lotions and creams we usually wrote about so I thought I’d have a little fun (expecting it to get screened by our boss – it wasn’t).

It was sort of a role play situation…see where this is going? I had one person “the associate” tell the innocent “client”: “Have you tried our new bust lift treatment? Oh it’s fabulous. You MUST try it. It’s so easy. Just strip down and rub it on…see how it crackles?” Well all hell broke loose. We were unable to recall it and I was rolling on the floor laughing at everyone’s horror. I mean, I was beating my breast and pulling out my hair (Old Testament style) in sadness. I left soon thereafter.

Well I’ll be more careful this time and say, in the privacy of your own home, strip down and rub on Liz Earle Superskin™ Body Cream ($24). This rich, omega 3 and antioxidant-filled cream is perfect for this time of the year. It’s not overpowering on freakishly warm days and lasts for hours on chillier ones. I like that the scent isn’t overwhelming and the lavender is instantly calming.