Evian and On

Remember Thursday nights at college? Just about everyone was whirling around – oft in the direction of the nearest party. There was not a thought of A.M. work study or auditorium-sized Geology classes. All right I’ll be honest. That wasn’t exactly my coed experience, but I sure wondered where folks were going as I headed to 7-11 for nachos!

Last night I kind of had one of those collegiate/not-a-care-in-the-world nights. It was a mix of taxis, a guy humping the floor during his Michael Jackson impersonation, and of course French fries. There was also a couple of drinks thrown in for good measure. In fact, one of my special someones took the ol’ college days literally and had a little pre-party before the night began.

I’m sensing her skin will be in need of some hydration this morning so I sure hope she carries her purse-friendly Evian Spray Natural Mineral Water, Travel Trio ($16) to work today. The fine mist immediately gives your skin some pep. I’m thinking she can also use the cool spritz the way some discipline wayward cats. If she feels her forehead yearning to mate with her keyboard this afternoon, she can give herself a quick “warning” spray.

So my lovely friend, this one’s dedicated to you. Keep your head up (literally).