She’s not! Emma Jean happens to be my southern grandma who I talk about ad infinitum. If there is no opinion being expressed, she most certainly fell asleep or is not in the room. I grew up with this lovable crazy lady and learned quite a bit from her. Of course I got a dresser full of beauty tips from her, too. Most are practical like: there’s no such thing as a bad hair day when there are wigs.

In that vein, I offer you a similar thought, why buy an expensive lip balm when you can get ChapStick Fresh Effects in Green Tea ($1.99)? It’s their newest balm that coats your lips in creamy moisture. As with all balms (even the ones that cost a grip), you can wear it alone or under your gloss or lipstick.

Oh and though it is creamy (not waxy), it doesn’t leave a chalky film on your lippers. Plus, it has a sweet minty flavor that can help freshen your breath just like those fancy shmancy ones!

The Breezy Synopsis
1) It’s dope
2) It’s cheap
3) It tastes yum