Lookie, Lookie: Time for a NEW Glam-Away!

Where have you BEEN all my November? It feels like I haven’t posted in forever (or a week)! I thought maybe we can kiss and makeup (heh, heh) with a glamaway. Let’s be real. Even though we’re in a little thing called a recession, this holiday season will most likely be just as insane as any other. Before the first toy store casualty hits the 11 o’clock news, take a moment to enjoy the calm before the storm. Oh, and score something that will keep you looking gorgeous and rejuvenated as you knock out that shopper trying to snag the last Snuggie™.

And Glam-AWAY We Go…
You Can Win: Lierac’s NEW 
Crème Mésolift ($54 value)

If You Just: Email the answer to the question below to shaunequa@templeofglam.com to win! I’ll randomly select and announce the winner on Thursday. Good Luck!

Here’s the Question:
In an August post, “Funky Kohl Medina”, I mentioned an iconic ’90s supermodel featured in a music video. What’s the name of the song and singer?