Fried for the Holidays

I don’t know about you, but the holidays are like coming at warp speed this year. I mean, the snowfall in NYC this weekend was pleasant for some, but for me? A frozen mockery of my apparent inabilty to shop before the very last minute. I love my family and I’d love to find the perfect gifts for them and all, but I’ve got like a trillion balls to juggle these days. So many balls in the air, I’ve considered skipping my weekly salon visit just to catch up on um, everything.

In case that day really does happen and my ends start looking a little err, crispy, I’ll reach for Avon Advance Techniques Dry End Serum ($4.99). It instantly makes nog-lected (heh, heh) hair in dire need of a trim look sleek and healthy.

The Breezy Synopsis:
1. Give your  neglected tresses a gift: a quick boost of shine.
2. Hey, it’s even on sale right now…$2.99!