All That Glitters Is Not Bold

Um, what does it mean when you dream you’re “Turtle” from “Entourage”? Maybe it means I’m destined to drive Adrien Grenier around LA. Hey, as far as destiny goes, that ain’t so bad! If you happen to interpret dreams, holler. Well, unless it means I have some kind of Shakespearean tragedy on the horizon. I’d rather not know.

Moving on…if you are anything like me, you just don’t do festive outerwear. I do have a pair of Santa socks that I love to wear under my most chic outfits. It’s like my dirty little secret: I kinda love Christmas. So much I’m considering taking my nudie makeup to the noel level with Bare Minerals Extreme Glimmers ($32).

The set includes an eye makeup primer that can mattify even the oiliest lids. In case you were wondering, my peepers get that prize. It also has a cute little brush. And the colors? Slices of shimmering heaven! There is a nice deposit of color complemented by a spunky glimmer.

This is one of those perfect treats for yourself; it also makes an adorable stocking stuffer if you’re in the mood to share.