Sephora Is The New Crack

Let me preface my next statement with this, I am so beyond happy for Bobby Brown’s and Whitney’s sobriety. Ok with that said, I have a secret stash of “Being Bobby Brown” on my dvr. Remember the episode when triple B performed on the Jimmy Kimmel show? I teared up when he performed “Tenderoni” because he was so in his element: a true entertainer. And Whitney beautifully belted out a little “I’m Every Woman” in the Von Dutch store. This was also before she started dancing with a seemingly random bearded dude shopping shirtless in a floor-length skirt. That “random dude” looked a lot like Andre J.

I’m pretty sure Andre J was the first black man on the cover of French Vogue. He is so fantastic I’m just about ready to be his baby boo if he’s down. Where am I going with this? Hmm…fantabulous, yes: that’s it.

I was standing in line at Sephora and talking myself out of making another impulse purchase at the cash wrap. And then. I saw it. Jasmine Oil Serum ($16). I earnestly got off line and headed to the Oscar Blandi area to read the la-di-da marketing crap on the back. The proof is in the pudding, right? I pumped a couple of drops from the tester, walked over to the mirror, and applied it to the right side of my head. I’m so serious. My hair looked like the hair fairy sprinkled pixie dust, inhaled it, and sneezed a gorgeous sheen on to my hair. No lie.

I quickly skipped back to the line. Yup skipped; I was feeling kinda “Disney”. I was afraid somehow the word got out about this incredible serum and would be gone if I didn’t hurry. You gotta let me know if you try it. Seriously it’s awesome.