Lace in Your Face

I’m totally on a first name basis with celebrity manicurist, Elle. Mainly because she is so cool, she goes by only her first name. Details, details. I was lucky enough to not only have an appointment with Elle, but she also hooked the digits up with the latest trend…lace nails! Yup as seen on Jennifer Lopez at this year’s VMAs and “Gossip Girl” star, Blake Lively! Que caliente, verdad?

Well don’t think for a second that I didn’t get the DIY 411 for my girls. And don’t think my timing is accidental; lace nails will take your holiday or New Year’s Eve party look to the outer limits of chicdom.

First things first: grab a friend. You’re going to need an extra set of hands. Plus, we’re girls. We’re supposed to give each other manicures and crap, right?OK now that you’re all “Babysitters Club”, check out Elle’s step-by-step directions:

Start with clean nails

Brush on Gel Resin (from Sallys)

Pick a thin Parisian piece of lace and attach

Spray with Glue Dry (from Sallys)

Cut and shape using an embroidery scissor



**Lace will last until it grows out (or about one week).  To remove, soak in acetone**

If you’ve seen me lately, you probably noticed I was pointing at EVERYTHING to show off my nails. If you haven’t seen ’em, I added a pic to the fan page. Check out how Elle applied the delicate black lace as an accent to my dark green nails!