Ask the Beauty Expert: Part Two (Face + Look Like a Pussycat Doll)

Q: OK. Give me the blow-by-blow on skin prep before applying makeup…

A: For prepping the skin, it should be clean and remaining makeup should be removed so there is a clean palette. I usually use a toner to clean the skin. I then clean up the brows by plucking or shaving any extra fuzz around the brows with an eye brow razor. After that I apply a moisturizer that goes with my client’s skin type. Eye cream, lip balm, and of course a primer. Primer fills in any cracks or holes there may be in the skin, giving it a smooth surface. The foundation literally glides on after primer, and it is also used to hold on makeup much longer.

Q: I want to use highlighter. What’s the best way to apply it?
A: When highlighting the face, I actually normally use a lighter foundation (Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation) to do this.  The highlight points are between the eye brows and a touch above them. Under the brows, center of the nose a thin line, top of the cheekbones and center of the chin. Sometimes just a touch on the cupid’s bow (above the lip).

Q: How do you apply blush for a natural look?
A: Blush is always best in the center (apple) of the cheek. The point of it is to add color and life to the face. When you naturally blush it’s in the center of the cheeks. Remove the excess color from the blush and blend outward so there are no streaks or lines.

Q: I have oily skin. How do I get a healthy glow without looking greasy?

A: I use a translucent powder on everyone! Every skin tone. I use RCMA — No color powder for every makeup application I do. It sets the makeup perfectly, takes away shine, but doesn’t change the color, which is important  after you’ve spent time concealing and highlighting. So it’s important to set the skin first, then you can apply the right products after to add the glow.

For darker skin I usually do it with a bronzer. Sun Bunny by Too Faced is a nice one- applied to forehead, nose, cheeks and chin this adds warmth as well as glow. They have a color called Snow bunny that is a highlighter, which can be applied after for highlighting. If your skin is oily, stick with highlight products in powder form. Also remember when it comes to powdering throughout the day, don’t use a powder that has coverage like a MAC studio fix or something, because it has oil and its also like applying foundation on top of foundation which just brings out more oil. Urban Decay De-Slick Powder is a nice translucent pressed powder, Laura Mercier has a nice one as well.
Q: What are the current trends in lip colors?
A: I think people are getting really daring with bold, bright colors for fall 2010. Deep dark reds/almost-black tones paired with a champagne shimmer eye shadow, thin black liner, and a lot of lashes is a great look. Same eyes paired with hot pink lips is very fun for the New Year as well. I think Nude lips are always in especially if you’re focusing on the eye.
Q: Hey Carlene! What products did you use on Nicole Scherzinger for the People’s Choice Awards?
A: Check out my blog. I talk ALL about the products: