Organic Beauty + Pimp Quote = Happy Tuesday

I watched Food Inc. a few days ago. Have you seen it? One word: puke. After watching it, I sooo get the raw food movement. I would still love for heat to touch my food, but I get it. That said, I will be en route to Whole Foods for this week’s more socially responsible, grocery store trip.

Inspired, I thought I’d highlight my current beloved moisturizer, which happens to be organic. I slather Sabon Organic Day Cream ($39) onto my skin every morning. For the record, I truly can’t stand odiferous moisturizers. So if you want to smell like the fragrance section of Bloomingdales, this macadamia nut-based, UV ray blocking cream isn’t for you. If your normal to dry skin wants rich, age-defying moisture, “make your next move your best move”.