What a Lush!

If there is any veracity to our society’s assigned gender attributes, shoe obsession is embedded in a woman’s DNA. Honestly I don’t need hundreds of pairs of shoes. Yet another example of my “genetic” abnormalities. I will say, I have been known to buy two pairs of the same shoe. If I love them, I will run shoes into the ground…literally.

So when I heard of Eida Lush, I had an instant crush. Yeah, yeah…I’m rhyming again. Let me be; it’s Friday. Eida Lush shoes are based on your chosen design adorned with colorful fabric accents. Yup, totally customized shoes.

For girls who’d rather walk barefoot than spot your shoe on someone else, you are probably going to love them. Of course after receiving a crazy dope coupon,  I designed a pair with the cutest hot pink accent on back. I call them “Jungle Love”.  Shout out to Morris Day!

Well, Happy Friday and may I add “oh-ee-oh-ee-oh”? Another Morris Day reference…don’t front; you know you want to see what I’m talking about.

Question of the weekend: Why the hell don’t I own “Purple Rain”?