Oh Mikki You’re So Fine

So Mikki Taylor asked, “Are your legs having a winter conversation?” and I replied, “Yes, chile, they look so dry. What do you girls at Essence use?” Then Sam Fine chimed in, praising the perfectly hued legs we can all have until we reach the beach…just mix a little foundation with baby oil, slather, blot, and brush on bronzer. And then Lisa Wu Hartwell (from “Real Housewives of Atlanta”) admitted when she can’t make it to the gym, she spray tans her gams for a more sculpted look.

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t having a tete a tete with celebrity makeup artists, a beauty director, gorgeous dermatologist, Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton and a reality TV entrepreneur last weekend; I was at an Essence magazine/Johnson & Johnson beauty event. The panelists shared a bunch of beauty secrets. No surprise, a few included Johnson’s Baby Oil. Like I’m sure you’ve heard about applying baby oil to your post-shower skin. Well, did you know you need to seal it in with lotion? 

So many of you glammies have asked me about dark circles treatment. Other than offering the name of my favorite eye cream with light reflectors, I had no other tips…until now. Dr. Ingleton suggested that you determine the cause of your dark circles. Do you have allergies? If you take an antihistamine, the dark circles (and icky, runny nose) should be outta there.

Are dark circles more of a genetic disposition? Choose a skincare treatment with berberry, which thins and fades dark, thickened skin.  If you have a prominent fat pack, you can inquire about plastic surgery and Restylane derm filler.