Free to Be You and Green

I’ve been especially drawn to natural products lately; mostly because I feel like I’m doing something phenomenal for the earth and myself, but I also feel like I’m giving the middle finger to The Man. And who can turn down that rare opportunity?

Now Josie Maran isn’t a cooking-up-products-in-the-kitchen sorta’ company (this week we’ll explore a few beauty and fashion girls doing just that), but it is a relatable brand.

In recycled, biodegradable packaging, Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil ($16) is all natural and I use it every day on my face, especially on days when I will be in sa uper-cold or dry environment. Now that the weather’s getting warmer it might be a bit much on even my moisture-seeking skin. Don’t fret my pet, it’s also great for hair, body, cuticles, and lips!e