Foodie Beauty: Holiday Edition

Philosophy Holiday Set
I get it. Christmas is next week. And when it comes to holiday shopping, I flip flop between a Buddhist awakened state and full-on  Western denial. If I could go straight to my aunt’s dinner table and yell, “Ante up, Auntie – yup I want the ham and turkey, too!”, I sooo would. But *sigh* I foresee I, no doubt rocking the craziest outfit ever (hey, NOBODY messes with the crazy lady), will be in the whirlwind of weary shoppers next week.

Oh well, I brought it on myself. At least I can muse on Christmas dinner and tasty holiday treats. Are you smelling a segue? Three words: Red velvet cake. Philosphy Classic Cookbook ($35) includes that and five other holly-day-inspired body washes (and *wait for it* the recipe for each).

Bath and Body Works offers holiday-themed goodies, too. The Spiced Gingersnap 3-in-1 Shampoo/BodyWash ($10) is unbelievable.

C.O. Bigelow Hot Buttered Rum Lip Gloss
Finally, put away that hot toddy. No really, put it away…you’re at work, lady! Enjoy that warm and toasty feeling without violating corporate regulations with C.O. Bigelow Winter Cordials Hot Buttered Rum Lip Gloss ($7.50).